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"Try This 100% Herbs Infused Beauty Plus Tea For Few Weeks... And Watch How It Nourishes The Skin, Clears Wrinkles, Spots, Revitalize The Skin And Restore Skin Glow"

100% Pure Organic Grade Essential Tea Blend

Beauty Plus Tea is a dermatologic herb based tea made from 100% organic ingredients to help soothe the skin and solve all sort of skin related issues like acne, pimples, wrinkles, black spot, stretch marks and every other skin related problems as well as fight hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

If you've been looking for a solution to sort out whatever skin issues or hair loss problems, the Beauty Plus Tea is the REAL DEAL.

This Amazing Beauty Plus Tea;

  • Detoxify & cleanse the body system & skin cells
  • Remove impurities, toxins, dead skin
  • Boast healthier collagen production
  • Clear wrinkles, acne, pimples, dark spots & many other skin issues
  • Restore firmness of the skin
  • Fight hair loss & promote healthy hair growth
  • Make the skin look more fresher & younger
  • Made from 100% natural herbs
  • Main ingredients: Red bean, barley, jujube & goji berry

Here's What Some Have To Say About This Amazing Herbal Tea

I have been using this tea for a while, and I do leave my house with less make up compared to before. my skin is looking more awesome.

Bisi // Ibadan, Oyo

I bought the beauty plus tea because i saw it helps with hair loss which i have been suffering from for years now and ever since i started taking this beauty tea, i am getting visible improvements and compliments on my hair.

Ify Njoku // Owerri, Imo

I work as an accountant and spend a lot of time on papers. Unfortunately, I always pinch my eyes when reading and it caused wrinkles around my eyes. Age has also helped. No creams could help. This tea helped me a lot and my friends though i did surgery.

Naomi // Festac, Lagos

A friend of mine recommended the beauty plus tea to me. And do you know what? I am thrilled because it got my skin popping.

Mrs Salisu // Kaduna

This the best skin solution I have ever use. I've never had very good skin with outbreaks of spots and blackheads even now at 57...but since using this tea my skin has looked better.

Bernice // Surulere, Lagos

Beauty plus tea has not only helped me restore my skin health and appearance but my overall confidence. Just few weeks into using the product, and my skin already looking brighter and smoother. I can't wait for my next bottle to arrive and see what's in store!

Cindy // Jabi, Abuja

How To Use The Beauty Plus Tea For Maximum Benefit

To get the best result from using the beauty plus tea, it is highly recommended to use 2 - 4 packs of the tea.

Each pack contains 30 tea bags inside which must be taken every morning before breakfast & every evening before going to bed.

Put the tea into a kettle with a glass & half cup of clean water, once it starts boiling, allow it boil for 6 - 7 mins before taking it down, pour the into a cup and allow it to cool down to the point you can comfortably drink it. Do not add sugar, milk or any other thing to the tea.

Here's The Available Plans For The Beauty Plus Tea

15 Days Plan (1 pack)

The 1 pack contain 30 sachets and would last for 15 days.

Normal Price: N13,000

Special Discount Price: N10,000

30 Days Plan (2 packs)

The 2 packs contain 60 sachets which will last for 30 days.

Normal Price: N22,000

Special Discount Price: N17,000

45 Days Plan (3 packs)

The 3 packs contain 90 sachets which will last for 45 days and it goes for;

Normal Price: N30,000

Special Discount Price: N21,000

60 Days Plan (4 Packs)

The 4 packs contain 120 tea bags which will last for 60 days and it goes for;

Normal Price: N38,000

Special Discount Price: N26,000

Special Discount Price Ends in

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  1  6
  3  2
  0  8

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Our delivery timeline is 1 - 2 days if you reside within Lagos & 3 - 5 days if you reside outside Lagos. 

Having said that, if you're ready to place your order, follow the instructions below.

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Note: For best results, it is highly recommended to use 2 - 4 packs.

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