Organic Beauty Tea

Beauty Tea is an organic health & skin care tea made from 100% ancient Chinese herbs.

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Benefits of Beauty Tea

What customers say?

"A friend of mine recommended the beauty plus tea to me. And do you know what? I am thrilled because it got my skin popping.."
Mrs Salisu
"I have been using this tea for a while, and I do leave my house with less make up compared to before. my skin is looking more awesome."
"I bought the beauty plus tea because I saw it helps with hair loss which i have been suffering from for years now and ever since i started taking this beauty tea, i am getting visible improvements and compliments on my hair."
Ify Njoku
Owerri, imo
"This the best skin solution I have ever use. I've never had very good skin with outbreaks of spots and blackheads even now at 57...but since using this oil my skin has never looked better."
"I work as an accountant and spend a lot of time on papers. Unfortunately, I always pinch my eyes when reading and it caused wrinkles around my eyes. Age has also helped. No creams could help. This tea helped me a lot and my friends though i did surgery."
"Beauty plus tea has not only helped me restore my skin health and appearance but my overall confidence. Just few weeks into using the product, and my skin already looking brighter and smoother. I can't wait for my next bottle to arrive and see what's in store."
jabi, abuja

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the beauty tea has side effect?

The beauty tea is made from 100% natural Chinese herbs and has no side effect. It is completely safe to use.

How many is recommend for good result?

It is recommended to use 4 packs of the beauty tea for max result.

How can I use the tea?

The tea is to be taken twice per day, 1 tea bag in the morning and another one in the evening. Prepare it like Lipton but don’t add sugar or milk to it.

How many sachets are inside a pack?

Each pack contains 30 tea bags inside.

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